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Procol Harum

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Nordlysfestivalen er stolte av å presentere selveste Procol Harum til  festivalen  i januar/februar 2018.

Konserten holdes på The Edge foran et sittende publikum lørdag 3. februar.

Det britiske rockebandet Procol Harum, som ble dannet i 1967, har på mange måter bidratt til utviklingen av progressiv og symfonisk rock. I år feirer Procol Harum at det er 50 år siden deres legendarisk debutsingel «A Whiter Shade of Pale» ble utgitt. Låten, som tilhører en av rockens store klassikere, er blant annet den mest spilte på britisk radio de siste 75 årene.

- Jeg tror absolutt alle har hørt «A Whiter Shade of Pale» i en eller annen sammenheng. Den legendariske låten har stått sterkt gjennom 50 år, og at vi nå kan presentere Procol Harum i vårt program er helt fantastisk. Vi har sett solide live-videoer på nettet fra deres nylige konserter, og i tillegg fått rapporter på at bandet står fjellstøtt på scenen etter alle disse årene, sier festivaldirektør Line Fusdahl.

I mars startet progrock-bandet jubileumsfeiringen med orkester og utsolgt konsert i Londons Royal Festival Hall. Hittil i år har bandet gjennomført flere større turneer både i England og Europa, til strålende kritikker. Jubileumsåret ble også feiret med deres første albumutgivelse på fjorten år. Albumet «Novum» blir av mange regnet som et av gruppens aller beste. Balladene, som bandet er kjent for, finnes også på dette albumet, men det finnes også uptempo-låter med velkjent «Procol»-signatur.

- Vi i Nordlysfestivalen jobber for at alle som er glade i musikk skal finne noe de liker i vårt program, og  Procol Harum  på en av våre scener under festivalen  i 2018 gleder vi oss til, sier Fusdahl .

På konsertene deres i år har Procol Harum spilt flere låter fra den nye plata, og ikke minst får publikum alltid servert et herlig knippe av deres velkjente hits.

Nordlysfestivalen har fått sikre opplysninger om at 2017-utgaven av bandet er bedre enn Procol Harum noensinne har vært. Gary Brooker (72) er den eneste som er igjen av den opprinnelige besetningen fra 1967. Han har tidligere uttalt at han alltid vil spille «A Whiter Shade of Pale» på deres konserter, noe annet ville vært et svik mot deres trofaste publikum. Dermed er du garantert å få høre den på The Edge lørdag 3. februar, sammen med flere av deres mesterverk.

Procol Harum spiller også på Bodø Jazz Open fredag 2. februar og på Union Scene i Drammen torsdag 1. februar. Besøkene inngår i Procol Harums 2018-turne.

English version:

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Northern Light Festival are proud to present Procol Harum to our festival in 2018. The concert will be held at Clarion The Edge Saturday 3rd of february.

2017 marks an energetic jubilee for Procol Harum, the unique British band whose illustrious and influential career began in 1967 with the worldwide success of A Whiter Shade of Pale, one of the most recognisable and most-played songs ever.

The band commemorates ten years of its present, superb line-up with a new album, Novumand concert dates in their home country, and Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and more. They’re wowing audiences with classy new material as well as much-loved favourites such as A Salty Dog, Grand Hotel, Homburg and Conquistador. Milestones like these helped define the progressive rock genre, but they blossomed from Procol’s roots in blues and soul.

2017’s packed-out London shows – The Royal Festival Hall in March (with orchestra and chorus) and The O2 Shepherds Bush in May (the unadorned Procol five-piece) – were ecstatically received by fans and critics alike: ‘prime choices from across their illustrious catalogue’ (Record Collector); ‘the original symphonic rockers still at the top of their game’ (Music News). The band’s live radio and TV performances draw new fans in, demonstrating how their material – never written with fashion in mind – has never dated.

At the heart of Procol Harum’s evolving musical force Gary Brooker MBE has been singer, pianist and principle songwriter since day one; his side projects include collaborations with George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Kate Bush, Wings and even Lonnie Donegan. Geoff Whitehorn has been Gary’s right-hand man for 25 years, as well as supplying lead guitar by appointment to the British rock aristocracy in the form of Roger Chapman, Elkie Brooks, Paul Rodgers and Roger Daltrey.

Hammond organist Josh Phillips is also a composer of TV music (such as the award-winning theme for the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing) and has played live with The Who, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane, Jeff Beck and many more. Bassist Matt Pegg (son of Fairport’s Dave Pegg) joined Procol in 1993, after depping for his father in Jethro Tull; he has played with Francis Dunnery, Squeeze’s Chris Difford, The Drifters, and The Stone Roses’ Ian Brown, and is currently bassist for Rick Wakeman as well as for folk-rock supergroup The Gathering. And ‘new boy’ Geoff Dunn, who joined Procol Harum back in 2006, has also been the driving force with luminaries such as Jimmy Page, Dave Stewart, Van Morrison and Manfred Mann.

Well-established by concert tours throughout Europe and North America, Procol Harum has released several live albums in the past ten years, and has seen its whole back-catalogue of classic studio albums – all so different in intriguing ways – remastered and released with eagerly-awaited bonus tracks. Critics are at last seeing the band in its proper perspective: Classic Rock magazine noted that ‘it’s small wonder The Who’s Tommy and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody can be traced to Procol’s influence’. The present jubilee will be marked by a major boxed set in various formats, including previously unreleased live recordings, radio and television sessions: a true celebration of Procol Harum’s ‘unique entertainment’.

Novum’s new material presents yet another step forward for this constantly-progressing band. Gary Brooker shares the composing with Phillips and Whitehorn, and Pete Brown (famed for supplying words to Jack Bruce and Cream) builds convincingly on the band’s inspired tradition of startling, sometimes darkly surreal songs, with his own droll and thought-provoking lyrics. Producer Dennis Weinreich (who’s worked with Supertramp, The Walker Brothers, Queen, Talk Talk, Jon Anderson, Mick Taylor and many more) captures the ensemble’s stunning musicianship, and Novum has been hailed as ‘the best-sounding Procol album ever’.

Gary Brooker’s team of musicians have no need to imitate their illustrious predecessors; but they do honour Procol Harum’s past achievements while bringing their own musical personalities to the party. For their ever-growing legions of fans all round the world this is the true Procol Harum, shining as brightly as ever, half a century after their unforgettable début lit up the late 1960s.